Pack 3269

Cub Scouts is a year-round family-oriented program designed for boys and girls who are in kindergarten through fifth grades.  Parents and the organization work together to achieve the 10 purposes of cub scouting:  1.  Character Development; 2.  Spiritual Growth; 3.  Good Citizenship; 4.  Sportsmanship and Fitness; 5.  Family Understanding; 6.  Respectful Relationships; 7. Personal Achievement; 8. Friendly Service; 9.  Fun and Adventure; 10.  Preparation for Boy Scouts.

We have two meetings a month to achieve these goals - a pack meeting and a den meeting.  A den in made up of 6-10 scouts in the same grade.  The pack is made up of all the dens from grade K - 5.

Pack meetings are held on Thursdays at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  Den meetings are held at a time and site determined by the individual den.

Each month we have activities for the scouts as a den and as a pack.  We go hiking, fishing, work on crafts, have picnics, go on field trips and generally have a lot of fun!

We also adventure on 2-3 camp outs each year, participate in community service projects, and hold an annual Pinewood Derby -- where the scouts race homemade gravity-powered cars.

For questions contact our Cubmaster at cubmaster@aurora3269.mypack.us or our Committee Chairperson at committeechair@aurora3269.mypack.us.